Thermal Oil Heater

The Thermal Oil Heater THZ/ GKV/H

The GekaKonus® Thermal Oil Heater type THERMOMAT® is a forced circulation heater of 3-pass design for organic high temperature heat transfer media on mineral or synthetic basis. It consists of a cylindrical combustion chamber, formed by closely bended pipes. This principle ensures that a defined heat transfer is achieved at any point of the heating surface. Forced circulation, and thus the flowing speed, is ensured by measuring and monitoring the volume flow.


In all industrial heating processes e.g.

  • Industry for rubber, plastic and flooring
  • Metal industry and surface finishing
  • Soap and detergents industry
  • Food industry
  • Textile industry
  • Bitumen and tar processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Building materials industry
  • Wood industry
  • Paper and cardboard industry
  • Laundries
The GekaKonus® Thermal Oil Heater Type THERMOMAT® operates pressure less within a temperature range of up to 340°C. At a temperature range of >340°C to 400°C it is necessary to consider a system pressure of up to 12 bar. The GekaKonus® Thermal Oil Heater Type THERMOMAT® is operated with the customary heat carriers which do not cause any corrosion – either in the heater or in the pipeline system. Nitrogen can be used to keep the heating installation stable, durable and fully operational over a period of many years. GekaKonus® thermal oil heating systems are used to fulfil thermal control assignments with the utmost temperature accuracy.

Equipped and produced in conformity with the European Community technical rules (PED 2014/68/EU), and other world-wide acceptance organisations (e.g. SQLO, GOST-R, RTN, ASME).

The controls and safety elements of the GekaKonus® Thermal Oil Heater Type THERMOMAT® are comply with the stringent regulations enforced in European Community and DIN 4754.

The flow safety device is a very important element as it measures and monitors the minimum heat carrier flow rate and shuts down and interlocks the firing system if the flow rate drops below the minimum value. The safety temperature limiters in the outlet and flue gas prevent an inadmissible rise of the outlet and flue gas temperature.

All commercial gaseous or liquid fuels can be fired, e.g. heavy oil, medium oil, high speed diesel, bio diesel, liquid gas, natural gas, bio gas.

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Technical Data

P+I Diagram/Schema
1 Safety temperature limiter – feed line
2 Temperature sensor – feed line
3 Flow monitoring device
4 Flame monitor
5 Safety temperature limiter – flue gas
6 Temperature sensor – return line
7 Manometer – feed line
8 Temperature controller – feed line
9 Temperature sensor – return line
10 Manometer – return line

You find further technical information on every type of heater in the download area of our internet site.