Quick Steam Generator


The quick steam generator LSG-HP

The LSG-HP quick steam generator is a once-through forced flow steam generator. The system consists of a continuous bended single pass through spiral tube system. The feed water is feed into the tube system by means of an accurate positive displacement pump(s). The GekaKonus® quick steam generator system type GekaKonus® LSG-HP is designed for an open steam/condensate system.



The quick steam generator system GekaKonus® is being used where the implantation of a closed steam/condensate cycle system in depends of the required process technology not possible. This is for example the case for heating processes where it is necessary to operate with different steam pressures at different stages in the production process within the same system e. g. with different saturated steam temperatures or in processes where the condensate is partial or total loss.

GekaKonus GmbH 


  • LSG-HP designed for minimum water content and quickest possible service availability
  • Small water content and low mass, combined with high heat transfer, enables full steam output and pressure to be raised in approximate 3-5 minutes from a start up
  • The saturated steam escape mostly free from residue water and dissolved salts
  • Instant saturated steam for process heating
  • Steam temperature measurement and alarm means protection of the evaporator spiral tube system against overheating
  • Measurement of the feed water inlet pressure on the feed water pump means protection against cavitations
  • 2- stage or modulating capacity control range
  • We are also able to offer customized capacity ranges
  • The system design guarantees free and easy access to the burner, instrumentation and facilities and good working condition for set up by commissioning and maintenance
  • The combustion chamber doesn¹t contain any refractory. Therefore no heat storage in the combustion chamber and no uncontrolled after-evaporation in case of a quick capacity and/or an emergency shut down

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The production process and the control and safety equipment comply with the rules of the European Community (PED 97/23/EC) and other notified bodies world wide(e. g. SELO, ASME, GOST-R, ROSTECHNADZOR), as far as this has been agreed. The quick steam generator equipment is designed acc, the PED 97/23/EC rules for 24-hour operation without supervision.

The capacity is controlled by pressure. Depend on the steam pressure, the burner capacity will be increased or reduced. The feed water pump and burner works in conjunction depends on the steam production rate.

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The GekaKonus® LSG-HP system is suitable for operation with burner using high speed diesel, heavy fuel oil, natural gas, LPG, biogas and bio diesel or using a dual fuel burner.
Permanent Monitoring

A permanent supervision of the following parameters

    Steam pressure – Operation
    Steam pressure – maximum
    Steam temperature – super heating
    Feed water inlet temperature – minimum
    Feed water inlet pressure – Feed water pump
    Exhaust gas temperature – high
    Residue water blow down – Permanent
    Burner – Flame monitoring

Continuous Blow Down
The blow down is obtained by a continuous process. Blow down of the quick steam generator is an absolute necessity to keep the access steam to the process heating system mostly free from residual moisture and dissolved salts.

Automatic Shut Down
In the event of any primary component or service failure, the safety devices will shut-down the entire system and provide visual and audible alarms.

Technical Data

Capacity range
Up to 3.400 kW,
steam flow rate up to 3.500 kg/h and
pressure range from 30 bar up to 95 bar design pressure.

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6. Safety temperature limiter – flue gas and indication
8. Pressure safety limiter – steam
9. Pressure controller – steam
10a. Temperature limiter – steam and indication
10b. Temperature limiter – steam and indication
12. Pressure gauge – steam
13. Valve
14. Temperature indication – feed water
15. Pressure gauge – feed water
16a. Feed water pump
16b. Stand-by feed water pump
17. Drain valve
18. Steam trap
19. Steam separator
20. Sight glass
21. Pressure switch – low pressure feed water
22. Valve on/off steam
23. Safety valve – steam pressure
24. Safety valve – feed water pressure
25. Non return valve
26. Valve feed water
26a. Valve feed water
26b. Valve feed water
27a. Strainer – feed water
27b. Strainer – feed water
28a. Valve feed water
28b. Valve feed water
33. Steam – outlet
34. Feed water – inlet
35. Drain water

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